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Independent cinemas

From Galashiels to Thurso, and from Rothesay to Elgin, Scotland hosts a wide range of local cinemas, owned and run independently, sometimes by the local community. Most are members of the Scottish branch of the UK Cinema Association


Independent Cinema Case Studies

The Pavillion

The pavilion is a family run independent four screen cinema in Galashiels in the Scottish Borders. We have about 20 staff and are a full time cinema and show most commercial films on national release date…

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Community cinemas

A host of different community groups programme screenings on a regular basis, in community centres, schools, and even in association with full time cinemas.  Many are members of the UK body Cinema for All and also the audience development programme Film Hub Scotland hosted by RSS


Community cinema Case Studies

Colinsburgh Community Cinema

Colinsburgh Community Cinema is a not-for-profit community organisation run by four friends and based in the Scottish village of Colinsburgh.

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Machars Movies

Machars Movies was established at the Isle of Whithorn in early 2009 as a voluntary community association to promote the moving image…

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Film festivals

Coming in all shapes and sizes, there are film festivals across Scotland and throughout the year. RSS supports the development of film festivals through our Local Film Festival Fund with funds from Creative Scotland.


Film festival Case Studies

Cromarty Film Festival - how they do it

Emerging Programmers Catriona Mallows and Eva Coutts give us an insight in the Cromarty Film Festival past and present……..

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Screenplay 2015

Screenplay, Shetland Arts’ annual film festival has been gathering local and national profile over the past nine years, so 2015’s festival had a lot of expectations to live up to.

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Multi-arts venues

Cinema is playing an increasingly important role in arts centres and multi-purpose venues, from Mareel in Shetland to the Heart of Hawick


Multi-arts venue Case Study

An Lanntair

An Lanntair is the largest multi arts venue in the Outer Hebrides. We are at one and the same time a contemporary art gallery, a theatre, a cinema, a concert hall…

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Mobile & touring

The cinema comes to town!   Bringing films to those more hard to reach communities and places.  Covering to our knowledge at least 65 communities regularly. Mobile and touring cinema is a vital and vibrant part of Scottish life.



Serving communities that are sufficiently large and densely populated are the Multiplexes.  Venues with multi dedicated cinema auditorium offering new releases seven days a week, and also a range of ‘event cinema’ presentations.