Local Film Festival Fund Evaluation

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LFFF Evaluation

Regional Screen Scotland presents an independent evaluation of its Film Festival Fund of recent years.

In 2013 Regional Screen Scotland was successful in accessing three-year funding to set up the Local Film Festival Fund (LFFF). This has been operational since the 1st of April 2014 and runs till the 31st of March 2017.

RSS commissioned Social Value Lab to undertake an evaluation of the Fund and to describe the impact of the Fund on the supported organisations and communities they are operating in.

The LFFF’s aims were to:

▪ design and manage a Development Programme for five festivals;
▪ manage an Open Access Fund dispersing £20k grant funding annually with applications for a maximum of £3k.

The LFFF has been funded by Creative Scotland (£262,500), with match funding by Film Hub Scotland (£48,000).

The main objectives of the Fund have been audience development, increased programme diversity and an improved cinema infrastructure.

The Development Programme supported five festivals with three-year grants of up to £37,500. These Festivals were:

Screenplay (Shetland)
Dunoon Film Festival
Hebrides International Film Festival
Cromarty Film Festival
South West Picture Show

The Open Access Fund awarded 22 grants of up to £3,000 to be spent in one year to 16 separate festivals.

Social Value Lab has been commissioned to evaluate whether the Fund has achieved its stated objectives.
The main objectives of the evaluation were:

▪ To evidence the impact of the fund on audience development, programme diversity and cinema infrastructure development; and
▪ To suggest further improvements for future funding programmes.

You can read the findings of the evaluation in this report.

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